Women’s Wellness

Your health, vitality, energy, outlook, mindset, and ability to navigate life’s hurdles with ease and grace can all fall under the banner of women’s wellness.

A broad concept, but at Synergy Women we define Women’s Wellness under three main pillars of women’s health. This includes your body health, your mind health, and your heart health. These form the three foundation pillars for any woman from which to build resilience and rise up through life challenges, manage stress and improve energy levels, mood, enthusiasm and vitality.

There are so many challenges a woman can face with her health throughout her life!

Body Health

Sometimes we need help with our body health– whether it’s pregnancy or menopausal related problems (and everything in between!). Your body health encompasses your nutrition, your sleep and ability to exercise. Synergy Women offers regular tips and advice in our newsletters, on our podcast and through our socials to help you with your body health. Browse our online healthy body workshops to help your body health! As a physiotherapist of over 20 years in the field of helping women with their health I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and overcome the things that hold you back with your body health. Read more about how to keep your body healthy

Heart Health

For other women- it’s our heart health that needs support. Finding motivation, navigating grief and forming healthy supportive relationships, finding joy. When your heart health is depleted, you FEEL depleted, with nothing left to give. Our heart health workshops, podcasts and one on one consultations can help you navigate the sea of turbulent emotions! Utilising the Dr Demartini method and certifications from the Heart Math institute, Synergy Women can help you find your centre! Read more about how to help your heart health

Mind health

it is another key pillar for women. Stress management, our mental health and mind-set can be key areas that for some women, needs more support. Our Mindfulness Meditation made easy online course is a great way to learn the basic practical skills you need to help calm your farm, manage pain and stress and build better brain health! Read more about how to help your mind health

Combining the health of your body, mind and heart means you have the strength, courage, wisdom and resilience to be able to conquer life’s hurdles with freedom and ease.

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“Resilience is something we can all achieve and I’m passionate about helping women find their strengths and rise up with grace and authenticity to build the life they deserve.” Nichole Hamilton

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