Transforming depleting emotions such as grief, anxiety, depression or overwhelm can be a challenge in any woman’s life. The constant battle with your emotional wellbeing can leave you feeling fatigued and depleted.

Here at Synergy Women we understand that your heart and emotional state can impact your overall vitality and health.

As a woman who has journeyed through the depths of grief, I recall my almost desperate attempts to resolve and fix my emotional health. You name it, I tried it. Counselling, vitamin B, running, yoga, support groups, meditation, lying in bed, diving in the ocean, silent retreats, prayer, psychology assessments. All of these things collectively provided incremental steps toward recovery, however individually none of these things actually resolved my despair.

I had read many of Dr Demartini‘s books throughout my life and was curious and intrigued at his methodology of transforming the perception of your experiences and your life.

It was this curiosity that led me to attend a Dr Demartini breakthrough experience in 2016, where I was guided (somewhat painfully!) and also challenged about the perceptions of my loss. I then found myself selected for a gruelling three hours on stage in front of the audience under Dr Demartini‘s questioning to break through my own stuck patterns of belief.  It was this single session with Dr Memartini that I felt like a veil had been lifted. Suddenly I could see things in a completely different light. It was instantaneous. I left Dr Demartini‘s session as a new woman. Like I had simply dropped the many years of baggage that I have been carrying around, trying to over analyse, fix or cure, I had simply placed it down and stepped forward.

Since this time, I have trained as a Dr Demartini facilitator. The Demartini Method brings a whole new perspective in understanding our mind health, our emotional health and perceptions. A simple change in our perceptions can lead to a change in our beliefs, actions, thoughts and behaviours.

I’m living testimony that following the tragic death in my immediate family I have been able to transform my life from a place of despair to living my inspired purpose. I have built my business with a team of wonderful women who I love to work with and have created the life I want to live.

In addition to being a trained Dr Demartini facilitator I have also explored and become certified in the Heart Math Institute training for stress management. The Heart Maths Institute brings forth amazing work to help us better understand the concept of renewing and depleting emotions and how it can affect our health. Using simple but effective Heart Math Techniques and bringing these into day-to-day practice is an effective way of ensuring that your emotional health is not leaving you in a place of constant depletion.

Like to know more about the Demartini method or the Heart Math tools for calming stress or transforming grief?

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