Suddenly life has a gap. A void. Something that was supposed to be there, but isn’t. Perhaps it’s a hope, a dream, a relationship, a job, a person, an experience. A different type of life.

Like an art form and a journey without a map, there seems to be no clear way to navigate the stormy waters of grief.

It can feel lonely, it can feel tiring, it can feel like no one understands.

In my own grief journey I can recall the kindness that buoyed us through the early days. Flowers, cards, dinners, phone calls, messages. Like a mirror reflection, I felt that the depth of our grief was matched by the depth of love and kindness.

However, it was the days, weeks and months that followed, I found myself falling into a deeper hole. Overwhelm, brain fog, fatigue, self- blame, resentment, loneliness, anxiety and sadness. I truly felt like I was drowning at sea wondering if I would ever surface to find air again, with a hole the size of the universe in my heart that no one else could see or understand.

I tried everything to heal myself. Psychologists, support groups, yoga, meditation, prayer, running, counselling…. Nothing was really helping me move forward.

It felt like my life was a tipped-out jigsaw and I didn’t even know where to begin to piece it back together.

I found myself asking:
  • How long is this feeling going to last?

  • How am I ever going to survive this?

  • How can I even begin to rebuild my life?

  • What’s happening to my brain?

It was not until 2014 that I finally hit rock bottom. I had walked the same well worn circular dusty path of sadness, blame and resentment, getting nowhere and I was …. tired.

I knew I had to make a change.

I had reached my crossroads. The pathway I was on was only leading in one direction. It was time. Time to choose a new path. I took the first step and took some time out for me.

It was during this time out I developed a framework to help myself navigate my own way from overwhelm to clarity. It is this exact framework, this step by step process, I have used to navigate my way from the bottom of the ocean, transforming toward vitality, courage and grace.

I realise now I have learnt more about grief, loss and life’s setbacks than I ever thought possible. In addition to being a physiotherapist, I have trained as a mindfulness meditation teacher, yoga teacher, a Demartini facilitator and developed a framework for recovery following life crisis, grief or loss for women incorporating all I have learnt.

Using this clear framework, I have had the opportunity to help many women, just like you, navigate their life setbacks transforming grief, loss and overwhelm into resilience, courage and grace.

It is this exact method that I have used to:

✨ Transform my own life from a place of lonely despair to growing my thriving women’s health business with a team of 8 amazing women

❤️ To having a loving, supportive and appreciative relationship

🙌 To enjoy better health, vitality and enthusiasm than I ever thought possible.

I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to share this with other women so they too can navigate life’s hurdles and piece their life puzzle back together with clarity and grace.

Resilience is something we can all achieve and I’m passionate about helping women find their strengths and rise up with grace and authenticity to build the life they deserve.

Whatever grief you may be navigating-

If you’re still looking for an answer, a pathway to be able to bring life back together and rise up, without letting go of the past or all that you have loved, I’ve put together this FREE resource just for you.

Here you will learn:
  • The clear steps you need to move from brain fog and overwhelm into calm clarity

  • How to transform the emotional rollercoaster into grace and gratitude
  • One key to be able to honour your loved one or your past and feel your connection is never truly lost

  • The framework to piece life back together when its a tipped out jigsaw puzzle

Also learn:
  • The two beliefs that hold women back during life challenges or a grief journey

  • How I went from Survive to Thrive with my health, my business and my relationship after losing my son

Click learn more or the link below to watch this FREE resource created by a woman who has walked your path.

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