Rise UP Retreats Testimonials

Women from all walks of life have taken the leap and without regrets, reaped the amazing life rewards by attending our Rise UP Retreats!

Women ageing from 25 through to 76 have all collectively come together and enjoyed some well-deserved time out! The Rise UP Women’s Retreat is designed to offer you the opportunity to simply press pause, nurture your health and learn the essential steps and skills developed by Nichole Hamilton to build resilience, presence and grace to overcome life’s challenges.

Over four inspiring days, this retreat is designed with you in mind, to provide a nurturing space for you to create the life you deserve and to give you a clear method to rise up with authenticity and grace. You also get to nurture YOU with daily yoga, pilates, meditation, great conversation, delicious food and a pampering spa afternoon.

Watch Tracy’s Video Testimonial HERE!

Read Rosie’s Testimonial here:

Having the opportunity to participate in Niky’s retreat was a wonderful experience and one which will stay with me for a long time. The retreat was set in beautiful surroundings. As soon as we arrived we were welcomed with a wonderful morning of yoga followed by a delicious lunch. My fellow participants were a lovely group of women from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes but we had one thing in common, our desire to enrich our lives with a course in resilience, health and well-being. We all clicked immediately and from start to finish enjoyed each other’s company enormously learning that everyone has a story. The food was absolutely beautiful. We were treated to a massage or a pedicure or facial. There was also time to read, go for a walk or a swim. I returned home feeling as though I had been touched by a magic stick, walking on air feeling refreshed and relaxed with lots of ideas on how to live my life to the fullest.

From Karen:

This was truly the best thing I have ever done for myself- thank you so much!

As a facilitator, I understand there can always be apprehension before booking on a retreat, ESPECIALLY if you have been navigating a life challenge!

I can recall when I was barely able to leave the house with anxiety and grief, the hesitation I had before booking myself for some time out.

  • What if I embarrassed myself or cried on retreat?
  • What if I didn’t like any of the women on retreat or didn’t fit in?
  • What if I didn’t like the food? Or my bed?
  • What if I just felt a bit too scared to try something new?

Soon I made some room for some different what if’s?

  • What if I met some amazing women and made some great friends?
  • What if this is exactly what I need to help me recover?
  • What if I managed to completely relax, allow myself to be pampered and surrendered just for once into being able to receive?
  • What if this retreat changed my life’s path and helped me move forward?

Watch my short video here to guide you with some simple free steps you can take NOW to help you build resilience.

And then –are you ready to take the leap? To take some time out for yourself? To Rise UP?

These chances only come by once in a lifetime.

YES PLEASE! I need some time out! Book me in!

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