Helping Women Rise UP and Transform Life Challenges into Resilience with Body, Mind and Heart Health. 

If you are a woman who would like to transform your life challenges, setbacks or grief into resilience, clarity, courage and grace, then the Synergy Women podcast is for you. 

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This podcast was created by Niky Hamilton, Women’s Resilience Coach and the founder of Synergy Women.

“ Speaking from the heart with courage and authenticity to help women navigate life’s hurdles and build resilience is my passion. Because, lets get real, sometimes life is not a glossy Instagram post. Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes we are tipped inside out and are left staring heartbroken and dazed at the rubble. Sometimes we reach a road block, a cross roads, or even a landslide. Sometimes in the thick of it we can’t see our way through.

So if you’re staring at the tipped out puzzle right now. If you’re depleted, fatigued or even just wondering ‘what’s my next step? Or why?’- then the Synergy Women podcast is for you.

I know because I’ve been there. My heartfelt joy has been to create a clearing in the trail, a chance to press pause, a guide to build a base for resilience and to share it with you”

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On the Synergy Women Podcast, Niky share’s practical tips and education for women’s health and wellness through an inspired union of body, mind and heart health.

Each 30 min episode we will explore different aspects of women’s health with a wide range of professionals, along with simple take home tips to improve your body, mind or heart health.

  • Mind Health – We explore topics such as mindset, stress management, mindfulness as well as healthy habits for your brain. Our podcasts on mind  health help you with practical skills you need to help calm your farm, manage stress and build better brain health! 

  • Heart Health – We explore emotional health, confidence, authenticity and motivation as well as healthy heart habits. Our heart health podcasts can help you navigate the sea of turbulent emotions as well as find skills in emotional regulation, finding joy and heart felt connections. 

  • Body Health – We explore all aspects of body health that can affect a woman’s vitality. Whether it’s pregnancy or menopausal related problems (and everything in between!). Our topics cover a wide range of women’s body health concerns, from pain or injury, nutrition, sleep and exercise. 

It is these three pillars that form the stable foundation base for women to start building resilience.

“Resilience is something we can all achieve and my mission is to inspire and empower women to find their strengths, Rise UP and transform through life challenges with grace, courage and authenticity”

Niky Hamilton 

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Synergy Women Podcast Episodes

Scroll through the list, take what you need, get inspired, healthy, resilient. Love Niky

  • Building resilience in tough times An essential guide for women. Are you navigating a life challenge right now and feeling overwhelmed, depleted or stressed? Join Niky Hamilton for this podcast to learn the essential steps you need to build resilience to navigate life’s hurdles with courage, clarity and grace.

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  • 3 Common Beliefs That Hold Women Back Are you finding yourself putting everyone else’s needs first, leaving yours last one the list? Is this affecting your body, mind or heart health? Learn the three most common belief’s that hold women back from their own self-care which is essential in building resilience.

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  • An essential guide for women who are grieving – Are you navigating grief?  Do you feel like you have a big hole in your heart that no one else can see and you’re simply wondering how long this is going to last?

    Like an art form and a journey without a map, there seems to be no clear way to navigate the stormy waters of grief. It can feel lonely, tiring, like you’re struggling to keep your head above water and that there’s no safe land in sight for miles with just an endless horizon of emptiness.

    Life jacket anyone?

    Whatever grief you are navigating, this podcast is a message of hope to YOU. Niky shares a story from her own heart, a journey after the loss of her son Baxter.

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  • How stress affects your mind health. Are you navigating a stressful or challenging time and experiencing symptoms like brain fog, forgetfulness, indecision or emotional reactivity? Niky explores stress and its effect on the brain! We also explore key practical tips you can try to help you manage your stress response and improve your mind health. 

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  • Stuck in rumination? Whether its regret, self-blame, resentment, grief or despair- Niky explores the topic of rumination and offers simple tips that can help shift the endless mind loop.

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  • Returning to exercise after pregnancy We all know the benefits of exercise. It helps our mood, prevents some medical conditions, helps our bone health, our heart health, our brain health and also helps us maintain a healthy weight which can also affect our confidence!

    But what should we really be doing after pregnancy? If you’re a new mum, this episode is for you.

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  • Ten essential self-care tips for women Hands up if you’re a busy woman or mum, who gives a lot to your family, kids, workplace, partners and somehow the thought of giving to yourself always gets pushed lower down the ranks on the list of daily priorities? Maybe for tomorrow or possibly the next day? This podcast is for YOU

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  • Three key questions to ask when overwhelmed with life challenges Niky explores what you need to ask yourself when life seems to be throwing you too many problems and you feel buried in it.  

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  • Soft Front Strong Back We’ve all been there. Giving without boundaries to the point of depletion with a soft back. Letting the resentment build to an explosive tipping point that flips us into a hard front of resentment, towering walls of rigidity. Does it really serve us? If you are a woman that gives too much and struggles to set boundaries this podcast is for you. If you are a woman that has been navigating life with the rigid guard rails up around your heart, a wall of resentment that’s been built to prevent hurt, rejection or betrayal- this podcast is also for you.  

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  • How being opinionated can affect your resilience Lopsided opinions, judgements and perceptions- can they really influence your ability to be resilient? We’ve all been there. Holding on tight to our opinions. Judging others. Does it really help? Join Niky in this controversial discussion on being opinionated and how it can affect your resilience. 

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  • How to lead a fulfilling life- without comparing yourself with others Are you finding yourself lacking in confidence with a constant comparison to others? Do you feel that perhaps every other woman on earth has it together, whilst you still flounder?

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  • How to improve your sense of self worth Are you a woman who finds yourself putting everyone else’s needs first, leaving yours last on the list? Do you dream of a better job, improved health or a more supportive relationship, yet a whisper in the back of your ear shares “you’re not worth it?” 

    This podcast is for YOU. Join Niky as she explores the most common reasons women will have for a reduced sense of self worth and what to do about it. 

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  • What I wish I knew  Ever wondered what wise words your 80-year-old self would look back and share? Resilience expert Marty Wilson has interviewed over 1000 inspirational people about how to maintain your health and wellbeing through the good times and the bad. In this podcast, he will pass on their secrets 

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  • Don’t ignore your gut health Did you know your gut health and microbiome can affect your mood, your weight, oestrogen levels and menopausal symptoms as well as joint inflammation - even in the absence of gut symptoms? Join Niky in an interview with Dr Samantha Coulson. 

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  • Women’s health – a conversation about continence Interview with Rebecca ReissOK ladies it’s time to have an open discussion. A topic we would rather avoid. Something we would rather push under the carpet and pretend hasn’t happened. Incontinence. If affects huge numbers of women. 200 million worldwide and can affect a woman’s confidence, her ability to exercise, her mood and her social life. So what can we do about it? 

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  • Building resilience through adversity – a Himalayan Story Struggling through an uphill battle right now? Walking through mud? Join Niky in this podcast story – lessons from a Himalayan Journey. In this podcast Niky explores the up and down nature of life from the lens of her mountain climbing travels through Nepal. Her journey explores the beauty that can be found in a struggle. 

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