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Mind Health and Mindset

  • Does stress affect your health leaving you overwhelmed, tired or frustrated?
  • Do you juggle with the demands of family, work and life, leaving your health concerns lower on the list?
  • Are you feeling depleted and finding you lack motivation, drive, enthusiasm or focus?
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As a physiotherapist with a special interest in supporting women with their health, I understand that at times, it is not just pain or injury holding you back. Women juggling the demands of families, work and general life stressors can result in your health or wellbeing being pushed further down the list of priorities. Add in a big life challenge and soon your pathway forward toward better health feels like an uphill battle.

This can create a feeling of frustration and overwhelm as you work to climb the mountain of daily tasks, with seemingly limited progress, and all the while your health and wellbeing placed on the backburner. Does this sound like you?

Our mental health, stress management and mindset collectively form one of the three essential pillars mind health in building women’s resilience to navigate life challenges. Sometimes stress can be overwhelming, our mindset can be depleted and our mental health strained when we journey through a life challenge.

I can recall on my own journey my mental health was one of the key places I fell apart. Life felt like a tipped-out jigsaw puzzle and I found myself constantly on edge, reactive and unable to control my stress levels or emotions. As a physiotherapist of 20 years, I was well placed to develop healthy habits to start helping my body, however I had never truly experienced the importance of a having healthy mind!

I recall exploring many avenues to help myself with my own mind health. In my own experience, I found I felt worse after counselling sessions, simply retelling my story did not seem help me. I tried support groups which offered me understanding, yet somehow the true relief I craved was always out of reach.

I sought to understand more about mind health and ended up down a pathway of learning with Dr John Arden (renowned psychologist) and also completed my training as a mindfulness meditation teacher. It was my breakthrough experience with Dr Demartini in 2016 that changed my life forever with my mind health.

Within one session (yes one long and arduous session!) I felt like a veil had lifted, my grief completely changed. My perspective on life shifted 180 degrees and I could step forward without the baggage I was carrying around each day.

Being a lifelong learner- I set about to train, study and become a Demartini Facilitator with a special interest in grief and conquering mind health for women going through a life challenge. I offer these mentoring sessions to women in a one on one setting, within my online program and also in a group environment for women on my Rise UP Women’s Retreat. I frequently help women just like you conquer obstacles to feel the freedom of changing perspective to find ease, clarity and focus.

Mindfulness Meditation, Mindset and Mental health

Resources I regularly use to help women build resilience and navigate feelings of overwhelm, burnout, fatigue or stress include mindfulness meditation, mindset coaching, Heart Math techniques and Demartini Facilitation.

I offer out regular one day courses and women’s wellness retreats to help you build resilience to navigate life’s challenges.

As a trained practitioner qualified in Dr Demartini facilitation I use his framework with the support of techniques from Heart Math and Mindfulness to guide you through depleting emotions of resentment, frustration, stress or anxiety that may be holding you back and help you transform that to appreciation, calm clarity, improved focus, enthusiasm and motivation.

Heart Math and Mindfulness are practical and easy to use techniques you can use to calm the nervous system and improve brain function and mental health. All backed by neuroscience!

You can explore my online practical step by step mindfulness meditation program here

Need to press pause and reset with your mind health?

Take time out for YOU. Find out about our Rise UP Women’s Retreat here.

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