Helping Women Transform their Lives and Build Resilience with Body, Mind and Heart Health 

The Synergy Women blogs share an inspired union of body, mind and heart health! 

My passion is to support and empower women with their health and wellbeing. To help women navigate life’s challenges and build resilience with these three main pillars of health that form the essential foundation for any woman. 

If you are a woman who would like to transform your life challenges, setbacks or grief into resilience, clarity, courage and grace, then the Synergy Women blogs are for you. Niky share’s practical tips and education for women’s health and wellness through an inspired union of body, mind and heart health. 

Search through our library of topics and start your journey toward better health and resilience.  

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  • Mind Health – We explore topics such as mindset, stress management, mindfulness as well as healthy habits for your brain. Our podcasts on mind  health help you with practical skills you need to help calm your farm, manage stress and build better brain health! 
  • Heart Health – We explore emotional health, confidence, authenticity and motivation as well as healthy heart habits. Our heart health blogs can help you navigate the sea of turbulent emotions as well as find skills in emotional regulation, finding joy and heart felt connections. 

  • Body Health – We explore all aspects of body health that can affect a woman’s vitality. Whether it’s pregnancy or menopausal related problems (and everything in between!). Our topics cover a wide range of women’s body health concerns, from pain or injury, nutrition, sleep and exercise. 

“Resilience is something we can all achieve and my mission is to inspire and empower women to find their strengths, Rise UP and transform through life challenges with grace, courage and authenticity”
Niky Hamilton

Mind Health

Body Health

Heart Health

Prefer to listen? Our Synergy Women podcast offers you inspiring insights and tips to help you build resilience. Read more about our podcasts here 

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All of our blogs and podcasts are designed to help you with your wellbeing but are not designed to constitute medical advice or replace individual health care assessment with your qualified practitioner. Always seek individual health care advice from a qualified practitioner.