Like any new inspiring idea, the Rise UP Method evolved and developed during a time of complete crisis.

It started from my own personal journey after I experienced a tragic death in my new born son Baxter. During this time, I found myself transformed from a happy energetic and organised woman to someone who could barely function with grief, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. In addition to these emotions I also experienced the effects of trauma which included brain fog, memory loss and fatigue. I found myself constantly ruminating, questioning and blaming myself, asking if I could’ve done something differently to change the outcome. I travelled this pathway for many months feeling more and more isolated with my health slowly deteriorating.

It was at this time a girlfriend kindly asked me to join her on a yoga and health retreat she was hosting. I found myself hesitant to attend, for somehow in my mind I had developed the belief with everything that had gone wrong, somehow, I was no longer worthy of joy or anything positive.

It was at this point I happened to read a quote from Dr John Demartini, it read – “Whatever you have or have not done, you are worthy of love”.

I found myself at this point at a crossroads. I knew if I continued down the pathway I was on, my health and my heart would continue to suffer. I was slowly removing myself from the support of friends and family who I felt didn’t understand my despair, and I knew that soon my relationship would also suffer.

As a woman and as a healthcare professional that had spent 20 years looking after everyone else’s health, it was time to start looking after my own. I needed to make a decision. At this crossroads, I needed to take a step in a different direction.

And so, I made the choice. I stepped toward resolving my own grief with the first understanding that I am worth it.  And I took the plunge, took time out and went on that yoga retreat.

I truly believe the first step to women building resilience through life‘s challenges is to understand that no matter what you have or have not done in your life, you are worthy of love. You are worthy of joy, you are worthy of connection.  The second step is to take some time out for yourself!

Since this time back in 2014, I have journeyed through many workshops, courses and training in order to better understand how women can rise up through grief and life challenges. This includes training with neuroscientists and psychologists in understanding the brain during stress and trauma. I have subsequently trained as a mindfulness meditation teacher as well as being a certified Heart Math practitioner for stress management. I have also completed the Dr Demartini facilitator training, which has been life changing in transforming my own grief into complete gratitude and grace.

It was at this retreat, with space to press pause, to look after my health, that the vision and clarity of the Rise UP Method was born. A clear step by step framework to help women navigate life’s hurdles. I started writing, planning, creating and then guiding women to build on their own resilience.

It is over the last five years that I have connected pieces together from all over the world, from many different teachers and sources in order to create a very simple but effective framework to help women Rise UP through challenges and transform overwhelm grief and crisis into calm clarity and grace.

It is using this exact framework that I have taken my own life from a place of despair to a place of gratitude and fulfilment. My thriving health business has expanded to now include a team of 8 amazing women I love to work with. My relationship has heartfelt connection. I wake up each day with enthusiasm and inspiration ready to give. In the space of a few short years, using this exact framework, I have transformed my life from a place of isolating house bound grief to a place of immense gratitude, connection, business expansion, better health, inspired vision and purpose.

The base of this method starts with looking deeply at your own self-care for your body, mind and heart health.  Like planting a seed, it needs some simple basics to start growing! Looking after your own self-care basics means, much like a pyramid, you build a stable base from which to grow, build resilience and start to live the life you want to live. Here at Synergy Women we offer tips and information to help YOU with your own pyramid base with podcasts, blogs and workshops for your body, mind and heart health.

Rise Up Method

From here the Rise UP method is explored in detail on our Rise UP women’s retreats. A perfect place to offer you 4 days of time out to rest, learn, be pampered and look after you.

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It brings me great joy and inspiration to share The Rise UP method with women that I host on my retreats.

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