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“I look back the images of myself 7 years ago and cannot believe the change in my life. Seven years ago, I was a happy, positive, ambitious woman running my own small sole practitioner physiotherapy business and teaching workshops for physio’s around Australia. I enjoyed running my small business and helping women with their health, teaching, travel, learning, hiking, yoga and spending time with my husband. I was feeling healthy with my first pregnancy.

Then everything I had come to know and love crashed around me, leaving me in a pile of rubble trying to find my way out. Our new born son Baxter died unexpectedly and without reason at birth.

Suddenly I was transformed from a happy, positive, confident and carefree woman into an empty shell of my former self. A woman who could barely leave the house with depression, grief, flashbacks and crippling anxiety. I suffered brain fog, memory loss and found myself each day for months on end reliving everything and backtracking as to where it went wrong and blaming myself. I remember feeling like I was drowning at sea, repeatedly sinking to the bottom and looking up- wondering if I would ever surface to find air again.

Six months of suffering went by with little change in my outlook. I felt like I had a hole the size of the universe in my heart that no one else could see and was invisible to the world, yet I had to figure out how to carry it around. Bearing the unbearable.

I tried everything to heal myself- yoga, meditation, vitamin B, diving in the ocean, prayer, running, support groups, counselling…. Nothing was really helping me move forward.

I found myself asking:

  • How long is this going to last?
  • How I am going to survive?
  • How can even begin to rebuild my life?
  • What’s happening to my brain?

It was about this time when a girlfriend asked me to join her on her yoga retreat in Bali for some time out. I found myself saying no, and reflected I was actually resisting this offer simply as I had developed two beliefs.

  • I wasn’t worthy. What kind of woman was I if I couldn’t prevent this? I don’t deserve any happiness. How could I ever enjoy anything for myself again if my son could not live?
  • I would be abandoning my son if I did something nice for myself. I wanted to stay connected forever, surely doing something nice for myself was being disloyal? Am I abandoning him?

I then read a quote at that time from Dr Demartini:

“Whatever you have or have not done, you are worthy of love”

For the first time, something within me shifted. I was scared to step out of my comfort zone and go on a retreat, anxious about how the week would unfold, worried that no one would understand the empty hole in my heart- yet I knew something had to change and the time was now. I was at my crossroads and knew I had to take a step in a new direction. Somehow, I plucked up the courage and took the first step and went on the yoga retreat.

It was on that retreat that the first steps were taken in developing The Rise UP method for women trying to put their life back together when it becomes a tipped out jigsaw puzzle. I had the space and time to reflect and start looking after me. I started writing, planning and suddenly I had clarity, a vision, a clear step by step pathway forward that I put together in a simple but clear framework.

Since this retreat, I have learnt more about grief, loss and life’s setbacks than I ever thought possible. I have also taken the opportunity to better understand brain health in the presence of trauma, mindset and motivation, self-care practices. In addition to being a physiotherapist, I have now also trained as a mindfulness meditation teacher, yoga teacher, a Demartini facilitator, walked across hot coals with Tony Robbins (yikes!) and developed a framework for recovery following life crisis, grief or loss for women incorporating all I have learnt called the Rise UP Method.  Using this method I have had the opportunity to guide many women, just like you, who are trying to piece their life’s jig saw puzzle into a clear picture once more with grace, authenticity and gratitude.

It is this exact method that I have used to transform my own life from a place of lonely despair to Rising UP and growing my thriving women’s health business Synergy Physio with a team of 8 amazing women, to having a loving, supportive and appreciative relationship and enjoying better health, vitality and enthusiasm, all in the space of four years.

I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to share this with other women so they too can conquer life’s hurdles with clarity and grace.

2020 came around with its own crisis for many people, and the time out from the Synergy Physio Business and with the inspiration and encouragement from the Synergy Physio team I had the chance to develop and start teaching the Rise UP framework in a beautiful retreat space over four nurturing days for women struggling through life challenges”.

Synergy Women’s first Rise UP women’s wellness retreat for 17 women on the beautiful sunshine coast of Australia in 2020 was the most amazing four days of teaching, reflecting, learning, laughing and connection and I felt so inspired and empowered to be able to help women and support them to have a dedicated 4 days to simply rest, reflect, get pampered and learn new skills.

The Rise UP Women’s Retreat Includes:

  • 4 days of me time to press pause, rest, reflect and nurture your health
  • Daily workshops and seminars to guide you through step by step the Rise UP method and transform crisis, overwhelm or grief into calm clarity, insight, inspiration and renewed life energy
  • Take home manual and reflection journal guided by Niky
  • A pampering spa afternoon
  • Daily classes including gentle yoga, learn an easy meditation practice to calm the nervous system and pilates
  • Delicious food- all meals supplied
  • A chance to connect with an amazing group of supportive like- minded women.

Read some of their testimonials here!

“With renewed gratitude, enthusiasm and grace it is my honour and a complete joy to offer out our retreats, podcasts and workshops to women navigating life hurdles.”

And we all have life’s hurdles, right?

Is it time to take time out for you?

My passion is to support women in all areas of their health- Body Mind and Heart.  Women often find themselves giving too much, putting others first, feeling depleted or leaving their health needs last on the list.

My mission is to inspire and empower women to Rise UP and transform through life challenges with health, vitality and resilience, to be able to shine out and be the best versions of themselves.

Synergy Women has been created to offer YOU the tools you need toward building resilience to navigate life’s challenges with courage, grace and authenticity.

Synergy is the union and interaction of all parts that collectively unite to shine out as a greater whole for the benefit of others. For Synergy Women, this means the union of our body health, mind health and heart health forms the base from which women can grow, rise up, build resilience and shine out their own unique brilliance. We offer informative podcasts, women’s health workshops, online learning and amazing women’s wellness retreats. to educate, inspire and encourage women.

The Rise UP Method and the Rise UP Women’s Retreat evolved from Nichole’s own personal journey. Her journey has helped many other women navigate grief and loss without losing connection to their loved one. Her framework has also inspired many women to Rise UP through life challenges and transform their lives with hope, resilience and grace.

synergy women's story
  • Are you a woman seeking support with your health to help you build resilience?
  • Are your trying to navigate your way through life’s hurdles right now?
  • Are you at a crossroads and know you need to make a change, yet not sure where to start?
  • Or perhaps you are trying to rebuild after experiencing a difficult time and feeling like you’re just in a pile of rubble try to find your way out?
  • Did you know that your body, mind, and heart health collectively form the stable self-care base you need to Rise UP and overcome your obstacles?
  • Did you know there are key steps YOU need to help you Rise UP and transform your life?

Skills Niky offers and shares to create The Rise UP Method TM and Synergy Women:

  • Mindset and motivation with the DeMartini Method
  • Mindfulness meditation for stress, anxiety, or pain management – online and in-clinic courses
  • Building emotional regulation and performance with Heart Math Certified consultations
  • Building resilience with the Rise UP Method using Body, Mind and Heart health
  • Pilates, yoga and functional strengthening classes in a supportive encouraging small group environment
  • Over 20 years of experience in health and education for both physiotherapists and women to offer out our podcasts , workshops, and retreats.

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