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  • Do you find yourself putting everyone else’s needs first, leaving your needs last on the list resulting in you feeling constantly fatigued or depleted?
  • Have you been struggling through grief, anxiety or depression which leaves feeling like you’re walking through mud and this is affecting all areas of your life including your health, your work or your family?
  • Would you love to feel joy and appreciation each day, yet somehow life feels like a tipped-out jigsaw puzzle, you’re having trouble figuring out how to put it back together with a background feeling of overwhelm?

Emotional health, joy and connection

For your heart, we understand that sometimes we women can get off track. Put others first. Give too much. Hold it all and feel weighed down. Lose our heart and then struggle to find it. Here at Synergy Women we have several unique offerings to help you put the puzzle back together.

Our heart is in our collective practice and we each come from our own inspired journeys to help you find yours.

With qualifications from the Heart Math Institute for stress and anxiety management, as well as resources we have developed (including the Rise UP Method TM), we offer out simple and effective tools to help women target, understand and use their strengths, how to overcome hurdles, how to regulate our emotions and use the heart to rise up and become inspired.

Building Resilience for Women

The health of your heart and your emotional regulation can impact your resilience. Resilience is the ability to maintain your energy levels and adapt to life challenges without being completely knocked flat! If you’re feeling burnt out, fatigued, volatile, stressed, anxious or depressed, these symptoms can be addressed as a part of your health journey with Synergy Women. We can work alongside your mental health team to support your heart health with practical skills to build emotional resilience, courage, resilience and strength.

To support and overcome feelings of grief, loss, overwhelm, stress, anxiety or depression we can offer you simple practical tools that can be used each day to support your health. These tools have been scientifically developed by the HeartMath Institute.

With additional qualifications in the Dr Demartini Method and Values training, we can also help guide you toward understanding and feeling the way you want to feel each day in life! This can look like a subtle shift in mind-set, a change in attitude, a goal with soul, a transformation in perspective.

Our unique Rise UP TM Method offered out to women on our wellness retreats as well as workshops can help you transform overwhelm into clarity to start living the life you want to live.

Like to learn more about Synergy Women Retreats or the Rise UP Method? Contact us and we are happy to help you!

Read on further in our blog posts to learn how Synergy Women can help you with your heart health or tune into the Synergy Women Podcast available on all platforms including spotify and apple podcasts

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