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A healthy body form’s one of the three pillars for the stable base in the Rise UP method to build a woman’s resilience.

Would you agree that all too often when we are going through a tough time, somehow the health of our own body gets neglected, put last on the list of priorities?

Our nutrition, our sleep patterns, our exercise routines- all out the window as we try to juggle our challenges. This results in our health deteriorating, feelings of fatigue and overwhelm, feeling worse than we need to, yet many of us struggle to change this.

I can recall in my own journey through grief, the only meal I could think to create was peanut butter on toast. For weeks on end, if I did not have the kind support of friends or family, I would find myself wandering aimlessly around the house just eating toast with peanut butter. Hardly a nutritious meal!! My sleep pattern was terrible, I wasn’t taking care of my body, my health was starting to suffer and all of this only added to my feelings of helplessness.

Did you know very small simple changes to your sleep health, your diet, and your exercise can all help you make steps forward in building resilience?

Something as simple as starting each day with a glass of water can start you on the right track.

As a physiotherapist with an amazing team of women’s health physio’s at Synergy Physio, I can recognise there can be many other factors that hold a woman back when it comes to self-care with the body. Pain, injury, fatigue, lack of motivation- just to name a few. What is it for you?

As a physiotherapist with over 20 years in helping women with the health of their body,  I also recognise that women have different concerns throughout their life that can affect their body health and resilience.

  • Are your aches and pains holding you back from social or family events as you transition through menopause?
  • Have you been experiencing hip or pelvic pain or pelvic floor weakness ever since childbirth that’s impacting your life and would love to know what to do about it?

We have a team of women’s health physio’s that can help YOU move forward. Find out more about Synergy Physio here.

At Synergy Women, we also offer online workshops, podcasts and blogs to help YOU start moving in the right direction with your body health. Our signature Rise UP women’s resilience retreats are a perfect place to press pause and start looking after YOU.

Need some time out to reset? Craving for a 4-day break that’s ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HEALTH?

Find out more about our Rise UP women’s retreats here!

Read our blog posts below for more tips for body health for women!

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