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Lost your mojo?

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Lost your mojo?

There are many women that I talk to prior to coming to our Rise UP Resilience Retreats who share with me that they feel flat or depleted. Like they’ve lost their spark, their drive, their energy and confidence. Women will often ask me how do I find my enthusiasm again? 

There are many reasons that women lose motivation. Let’s explore the two most common reasons.

The first and most common reason is complete and utter depletion after giving to so many other people‘s needs and prioritising others for too long. Much like driving down the motorway there are times where you need to slow down, go down a gear and pull into a petrol station to stop and refuel. Without taking the time to refuel, eventually you run out of petrol and find yourself at a standstill in the middle of the road.

If you have prioritised other people‘s needs for too long and neglected our own self-care, a point of depletion eventually arrives.

If you’ve been neglecting your own self care because you’ve told yourself I’m too busy or I’m not worth it, a point of depletion eventually arrives.

Reaching a point of the depletion with lack of fuel in your own tank can result in lost motivation and drive because you’ve simply reached a standstill and need to make a change.

Filling your own tank will normally involve self-care in one of three areas.

  • This might be your body health your exercise, your nutrition, your sleep health.
  • It could mean your mind health which includes stress management, mindset or self talk.
  • Or it could be your heart health which involves finding joy and learning how to regulate your own emotions.

These are the three key pillars that form a stable base within the Rise UP TM method that I share both online and in our Rise UP retreats.

The second reason women can lose motivation and drive can be a loss of direction.

So although there is some fuel in the tank, you have forgotten or lost where you are driving. If you feel like you’ve been driving in circles losing direction going nowhere and losing energy this can be another reason for a loss of motivation.

This is sometimes a result of habitually putting others on a pedestal and losing sight of yourself along the way.

Other times it can be a result of prioritising other people’s values for so long that you lose track of your own. Somehow it gets buried deep and soon a feeling emerges that says “I have forgotten who I am”

Finding direction comes from truly understanding what it is that you value in life and taking steps to live congruently with that. Like to learn more about finding your values listen to this podcast here.

Ensuring there’s enough fuel in the tank as well as direction for yourself are the two key steps in forming motivation.

Additionally there are also healthy habits to develop along the way to help ensure that you continue to move toward your goals with both confidence and motivation. We explore all of this and more on our Rise UP Resilience Retreat’s for women. 


Like to learn more about developing resilience through life challenges?

Niky offer’s both online programs for women as well as her four day Rise UP retreat.

  • Find out more about her retreats here
  • Learn more about her online program with this free resource to help women transform grief to resilience here
  • Listen in to the Synergy Women podcast here
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