• Your kids are demanding all your time and your workload is unmanageable.
  • Your parents need help with their health and you are still juggling your family and work life.
  • You feel like your partner is unsupportive and you’re left picking up the pieces.

Welcome to stretched thin ladies. And somehow it’s not helping you get skinnier or taller.

Let’s explore the common reasons for feeling stretched thin AND what you can do about it.

There are three common causes for feeling stretched thin

  1. Being thrown in the deep end with life circumstances or events completely beyond your control. Illnesses, health crisis, job losses. You have no choice but to sink or swim here.
  2. An inability to say no or set boundaries and just choosing to put too much on your plate (is this you? You need to read this blog here on setting healthy boundaries!)
  3. Not living life according to priority or congruently with your values. Putting others needs habitually first without any time for your own values means you can feel depleted and lacking in motivation. If this is you you might like this podcast!

So if you’ve been thrown in the deep end and its sink or swim time, lets go through the key steps you need

  • Recognise you’re stretched thin and there is no refuel pitstop in sight for now, so you need to settle for small steps to ensure you don’t run empty
  • Small healthy habits for your three main pillars of health, your body, your mind and your heart are essential. This might look like-
    • Body health – A glass of water, prioritise sleep and take a short nature walk.
    • Mind health – Ignore the voice of criticism, blame and resentment within you for now. Ask yourself what would the voice of courage, encouragement and kindness have to say to me today? I can do this! I have it within me! Is a simple statement to start off each day.
    • Heart health Take a moment for one small piece of joy, a bunch of flowers, a bath, sing or dance. Take three slow breaths in and out of the heart space.
  • Prioritise. Take one step at a time, focus on just one thing and ditch the rest.
  • Let go of unhealthy habits. These might include alcohol, coffee, sugary food, social media. This might include rumination or shutting down.
  • Trust you have it within you to make it to the other side. Trust dissolves fear and worry. You can do it, you have it within you!!

I hope these ideas give you the support you need to navigate!

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