7 Simple Morning Routines to Improve Your Mindset and Health
Morning routines can be way to start the day off on the right foot, create a positive clear mindset and select your state for the day.
Too often if we start our day in chaos, emotional depletion or brain fog, this state lingers with us into and throughout our day, affecting our thoughts, actions, decisions and behaviours. There are seven very simple strategies to start your day off on the right foot.
1- Get to bed early and have a good sleep routine. No one can cope with inadequate sleep. Like to learn more about sleep health? Read more here
2- Make your bed when you get up. A simple way to create an organised clear mindset.
3- A glass of water as the first thing you consume helps hydrate. Too often we suffer brain fog or fatigue simple as we are not having enough water! Start the day right with a glass of water to help flush your system and hydrate your brain. 
4- Meditation. It doesn’t need to be long. Even 5 mins of sitting, feeling the breath in the heart space or belly can calm the nervous system. Try 5 mins of box breathing, which means inhale for four, pause for four, exhale for four, pause with a four as a cycle for a few minutes. Mindfulness meditation- like to learn how with practical steps? Find out more here
5- Exercise. Go for a brisk walk, run, yoga, move your body! Increasing your breath rate and moving your body helps you change your state. Stuck in a rut with your mind or emotional health? Read more about changing your state here.
6- Set your intentions for the day. That might look like a short action plan list for the day. Or it might simply be the intention to maintain an attitude or bring in a feeling for the day. Today I will act from a place of love and kindness.
7- Three gratitude breaths. Feel into the heart space. Recall something you are grateful for. Breathe that feeling into and out of the heart space for three breaths.
Effective morning routines can also include Breath Work, Heart Math tools and the Demartini Method, all of which I share on our Rise UP women’s retreats. Starting the day on the right foot is a great way to build resilience to navigate the day’s challenges that might lie ahead.

Like to know how to step forward and Rise UP through life setbacks? Find out more about our retreats here.