When navigating life‘s challenges setbacks and loss it is very common to find yourself in a place of complete overwhelm. Soon the simplest of tasks become difficult decisions, you experience brain fog, emotional reactivity, and your general health can start to decline.

For any woman navigating life‘s challenges it is essential to take care of the three pillars pillars that form the basis of any recovery. These three pillars include health for our body, our mind, and our heart.

Yes ladies, that means self-care.

We all know how difficult it can be when you are simply tired or hungry to deal with small daily setbacks. So when you are dealing with greater challenges in life is important that you take care of the basics.

My five favourite simple healthy habits to improve your body health are:.

  1. Start each day with a glass of water. As simple as that sounds, too often we are dehydrated which only contributes to further brain fog. And how often do we eat when we are actually thirsty?  This is a very simple healthy habit that anyone can achieve even in the depths of a crisis. Learn to say no to coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol, say yes to water, water and more water.
  2. Watch your nutrition. Simply eliminating sugary or packaged foods an be the first step in improving your nutrition. Shopping from the outside aisles only of the supermarket is also a great simple step.  If you feel too overwhelmed to organise your nutrition there are plenty of amazing delivery services (such as hello fresh) that can support you. Saying no to packaged food and sugar, yes to colourful plates with vege’s and protein. Read more about healthy food choices here.
  3. Sleep. Inadequate sleep can be a contributor to emotional reactivity and a feeling of depletion. Developing healthy sleep habits is essential for your bodies health its repair and recovery! Easy healthy sleep habits are saying no to coffee after lunch, saying no to screen time before bed, saying yes to regular sleep and rise times, saying yes to a calming bed time routine. You can read more about sleep here.
  4. Prioritise exercise. Exercise is proven way to manage so many conditions! Diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, weight management, mental health, continence, mood. Make it a priority. It doesn’t need to be grand- simply moving your body regularly! Say no to additional lounging or screen time, no to sleeping in, yes to an early morning walk, yes to walking meetings, yes to dance, cycle, stretch, swim- you name it- it works.
  5. Know you’re worthy. One of the most common beliefs that prevent women from caring for a healthy body with healthy habits can be the belief that everyone else’s needs come first. Find out what beliefs might be holding you back here. Start the habit of prioritising YOU. Say no to “I’m not worthy, I’m too busy” and say yes to “I need to look after me first”.

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