Stuck in a rut?

  • You wake up feeling with a feeling of dread, depleted and lacking energy
  • Your thoughts circulate over the same conversations, the same memories, yet the outcome doesn’t change and here you are, again.
  • You imagine what life would be, could be, if only, yet nothing moves and nothing is changing. Your motivation dwindles.
  • Your limbs feel heavy, you sigh and feel like no matter how you look at things, there is no escape route or miracle fix, every day feels the same, like walking through mud.

Stuck in a rut?

Did you know your State (also known as your mood, your outlook, your frame of mind): can colour the perceptions you have of life around you? This in turn colours and steers your thoughts, decisions, actions and behaviours.

It is a common experience for women you are navigating a life challenge to be on a roller coaster when it comes to emotional health. Navigating decisions, actions and behaviours can all be affected simply by the state you suddenly find yourself in.

  • Sometimes our state serves us, gives us the strength to make a change
  • Sometimes our state hinders us, keeps us in a destructive pattern
  • Sometimes our state holds us back, weighs heavy and limits our growth

 Who is in charge here?

In the times your state is serving you, trying to teach you something, it is wise to rest up, surrender and take the lesson. That is the time to pause, rest and reflect. That is the time to lean into acceptance, grace before you open up to courage. That is the time to switch off and refuel.

But… there comes a time when you need to make a decision to change your state.

This is very different from running away from, squashing, closing down or denying your feelings.

This comes from a place of acknowledging your feelings, being grateful for the lesson and then making the decision to change.

Simple state changers can be

  • Going for a run
  • Dancing
  • Meditation
  • Singing
  • Music

It only takes 5 mins.

The first minute is the most important, is the moment your decide. Decide to make a change, decide to step out of the routine, step off the treadmill and change the broken record loop of your own internal dialogue.

Then the next four mins- run, dance, do a cartwheel, sing, play your favourite song, meditate, break the pattern, break the loop!

Effective state changers also include Breath Work, Heart Math tools and the Demartini Method, all of which I share on our Rise UP women’s retreats.

Like to know how to step forward, Rise UP and change your state? Find out more about our retreats here.