The feeling of overwhelm is really common experience for women navigating grief or a challenging time.

Suddenly the simplest of tasks become a challenge, you forget things, you lose your way, you feel confused, scrambled, like your brain is a messy tipped out jigsaw and you can’t see clarity.

  • Someone has given you two things to do and you’ve already forgotten one of them.
  • You’re losing the contents of your handbag at the supermarket checkout and can’t find your car keys.
  • Your brain is foggy.
  • You start doing a job, get half way through, forget what you’re doing, feel frustrated and a whole day goes past in circles.
  • Everyone else has it together and you don’t.
  • Your hair is in your face, you can’t find a matching pair of socks and can’t decide what to wear.

Welcome to overwhelm ladies!

Sigh. A common symptom of a brain that’s under stress. Read more about overcoming stress here.

The clear, open, decisive big picture part of your brain that sees all sides takes a holiday. While the reactive emotional brain takes over. The see saw in the brain!

Steps for managing overwhelm:

  1. Press pause. Stop everything and just sit for a moment. Make some tea and free your to-do list for just a few minutes.
  2. Breathe. Relax the belly, take slow breaths and lengthen the exhalation. This calms the nervous system and helps the brain.
  3. Prioritise. What is the one thing that’s important right now? Just do that. One thing only.

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