When it comes to women’s resilience, health and vitality there are many stumbling blocks that can occur throughout a woman’s life that can be detrimental to her heart health, mind or body health. These three pillars of health are essential to support resilience! Much like the base of the pyramid, in order to rise up and navigate life’s challenges, women need to ensure they have optimal health in their body and the mind and in their heart.

Our body health includes our nutrition, sleep health and also our ability to exercise. This ensures our energy levels, our body weight and bone health and also our vitality.

Mind health includes our mental health but also our capacity to learn new things and explore new concepts. Our mind health also includes our mindset, skills of mindfulness and our capacity to work through difficulties or manage stress with problem-solving skills and empathy.

Our heart health includes our connections to family, friends and also connections to our higher purpose or a greater good. Watch this video here to understand more about the three pillars of women’s health.

In my experience, there are many women that focus on one area of the health and neglect others.

For example, I see many women that are excellent at ensuring their mind health through learning and their capacity to work, however neglect their body health. I know many women who ensure the health of their family and their relationships to the detriment of the mental health or body.

What areas in the three pillars of Synergy Women’s health do you need to work on?

Each and every woman that I know needs some help in some of these areas, and I find that could be many beliefs that restrict that prevent women from stepping up and taking basic care for their health.

Self-care practices can include eating well, getting to bed early, avoiding alcohol. Self-care practices can include nurturing yourself, ensuring you get enough exercise, supporting positive relationships and learning to let go with those that do not support us in a positive way.

So here are the common beliefs that I find that limit women’s growth in all three areas of the health.

  • The first most common belief is I’m not worthy. I can relate to this as a belief in myself! It was a time not long after the tragic loss of our son that I developed the belief that I was no longer worthy of any happiness or joy. It was in an unconscious decision, but it was a subtle background belief that started to run my choices throughout my life. I had started to develop the belief that if I had only changed one thing and perhaps the outcome would’ve changed. This then created a mindset and internal narrative of self-blame for the things that had gone wrong. Self-blame for the things that I was unable to change quickly leads to the belief, I’m not worthy.

I recall reading a quote from Dr Demartini that says “Whatever you have or have not done you are worthy of love”. It was reading this quote that something in my mind and body shifted. No matter what I have or have not done I’m worthy.

So are you feeling that looking after your health takes a back seat simply because you have a subtle background narrative you’re not worthy?

If this is the case, start to write down now all of the reasons that you are worthy. Once you have written down those reasons, start to reflect what will happen to your health, your relationships, your career, your finances or your family if you continue to hold the belief that you’re not worthy which prevents you from looking after your own health. If you don’t make a change in that belief what will happen? How would it feel to simply let go of that belief and step up to know you are worthy.

  •  The next most common belief that I find in women is the belief that they are too busy. Too busy with multiple other things to be able to look after their basic pillars of health with self-care. Sometimes too busy simply means that you’re you are focused on something important like your career, your finances or your family. You prioritise your time according to your values, and sometimes your own health falls down the list and you fill your time with other high priority tasks and feel too busy for your own health. Perhaps you put other people’s needs first, and yours end up last on the list.

Start to reflect on how looking after your body health, your mind health and your relationships or heart health may actually be beneficial and guiding you toward what you value most. Knowing and understanding what you truly value in life, then reflecting on how to take simple step toward supporting your mind body and heart health and how that might benefit what you value is one sure way of ensuring that you will always have time for the basics of self-care.

  • The final belief I commonly hear is that women feel alone, they are unsupported or misunderstood. Which means that they then neglect their own self-care in frustration and resentment.

If this sounds like you, start to reflect where is it that you actually have some support. Sometimes women have support hiding in plain sight! It may not be in the form that they envisaged.

I’m not worthy, I’m too busy, I’m all alone- which one are you?

Simply asking yourself the question now- what would like your life be like if I let go of that belief, if I had plenty of time if I were worth it, if I felt 100% supported and connected.

How would it feel if I simply let go of that belief? If I took just one step toward self-care with my health?

I hope this thought process has resonated with you and created a seed of doubt within the beliefs that might be holding you back.

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