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My name is Niky Hamilton and as a Women’s Resilience Coach and Physiotherapist, my mission is to inspire and empower women to Rise UP and transform through life challenges with grace, courage and authenticity.

My expertise in women’s health, building resilience, navigating grief and supporting women through life’s hurdles offers you the perfect chance to press pause and nurture yourself on one of my Rise UP women’s wellness retreats.

Offering you an inspired synergy of body mind and heart health, with a clear framework to help you Rise UP, transform life’s challenges, build resilience and live the life YOU want to live.

Women’s Rise UP Resilience Retreats 

  • Have you been struggling through a recent life challenge and looking for a supportive space and a step by step pathway to help yourself rise up?
  • Are you craving to simply press pause and have time out to rest and reflect, gather your energy and nurture your own health?
  • Are you at a crossroads and know you need to make a change, but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to learn key steps and strategies that you can implement today to help you transform life’s hurdles, grief or overwhelm into courage, confidence and resilience?
  • Would you like a clear and simple method developed by women for women, to guide you toward building resilience and creating the life you deserve?

We would love to welcome you on our next Rise UP Women’s Retreat!

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Rise UP womens retreats
Nichole Hamilton

Meet Niky Hamilton

Niky Hamilton is a Women’s Resilience Coach, Physiotherapist, Demartini Facilitator, yoga teacher and the founder of Synergy Women.

As a qualified physiotherapist she has over 20 years of experience in helping women with their health as well as running her own busy practice Synergy Physio with a team of amazing women on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Nichole is also a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, a Dr. Demartini Facilitator and a women’s wellness retreat co-ordinator. She helps women to conquer life’s hurdles, building resilience with renewed life enthusiasm and grace. She also helps women struggling with grief and loss learn how to rise up without losing connection with their loved ones.

Through her own journey of grief and loss, she has developed an inspiring passion for helping women navigating grief or life challenges to rise up, build resilience and start living the lives they want to live with health, vitality, gratitude and grace.

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Dani-ela Barrat

Dani is a retreat facilitator and also our event co-ordinator. She is the organising woman behind the scenes that we all dream of! Dani organises and plans, calls and connects with each woman before and after retreat, all to ensure your care.

Her helping hand, her care, her organisation and guidance throughout our retreats ensures you are looked after!

Niky Hamilton

Niky is the founder and creator of our Rise UP retreats! Through her own grief journey she has developed a framework for women to help them build resilience through life’s challenges with a step by step process. Niky offers seminars and workshops, yoga and meditation on our retreats to help guide YOU. Niky’s mission is to help women transform life’s challenges into resilience and courage.

Alix Carpenter

Alix is one of our retreat facilitators. She is a physiotherapist and a pilates teacher and has a passion for supporting women with their health! She offers pilates and movement classes, strength work and online classes after retreat.

Alix loves supporting women on our retreat with their health with her open enthusiasm and care.

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